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This is the first single off of Ami's sophomore. Written nearly 5600 miles from the song's inspiration, Highlands evokes a longing emotional response drawn out over oceans and continents. Enjoy.

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words and music by ami yares (c) 2022

From the bay, I have seen the Highlands
The Hudson and the Narrows seen across
From below, you saw her eye all the passing the ships
The echo of her light down below

Travelers’ eyes climb the Hill for a hold on hope
Stake a stake for the wanderer to hold
The bond for the vagabond to keep and repeat
Her eyes on you and nothing could go wrong wrong…


We'd go high, high we'd go to home
We'd go high, high we'd go to home

Her light shines down on to the harbor
Right there, stare into her eyes
Wide awake in the evening light, knew she'd done me right
But when Morning comes, I walk away alone, alone

Now, catch her seeing off into the distance
Something now is gone where once was found
Her eyes are shut, she sleeps at night, she dreams days of old
Now we're turning page, her story being told, being told, being told


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