The MUSIC hails from the east & west, rooted in the sounds of a pastoral upbringing in the sprawling suburbs of the Garden State juxtaposed against the sounds, stories, & struggles of the seaside city of Jaffa.  

The MUSICIAN simply wants to move you with music. Ami (pronounced AH-mee) has been described as "a cross between  Randy Newman and David Broza. He has traveled all over the world and spent a significant amount of time using music to build peace and promote social change. Ami's performances capture your body, heart and mind. It's old music; it's new music. It's the music. Come inside for a listen.

The EDUCATOR uses music as a lens to understand society, culture and ultimately, ourselves. Let's move our minds as much as we move our bodies to music. Inroads to empathy and mutual understanding form through the sharing of song and rhythm. It is not only a passion to Ami but an obligation to embolden music in powerful and transformative educational experiences.


Brothers by birth and music, stringing together upright bass & acoustic guitar in a dynamic duo that not only makes their mother happy, but yours as well.


The FIRST & ONLY Hebrew language tribute to the music of the Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia. Featuring the godfather of Israeli hip hop, Sagol 59 & Avsha Elan.


The New Initials reside in a studio, hidden in the corners of Port Richmond, PA but their sound is no secret...no frills rock & roll, meant only to move and groove.

FocUS Music

FocUS Music is a series of workshops and performances that transform American music into a lens that explores the narrative of American Society.  The music of the United States provides ample opportunity to understand the United States while also providing space to understand one's self and community. Participants engage the history of the United States with a critical eye, experiencing the power of music to convey this message

AltNeu Arts

AltNeu Arts creates and connects the space between artists, the arts & communities in the name of social good. Initial actions focus on music as means to empower & promote social change. Through the use of traditional venues & repurposed spaces, AltNeu Arts provides pop-up concerts, workshops, production & more to communities seeking to make the world a little more music-filled.

BuildaBridge International

Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Ami is a past facilitator and regional coordinator who now represents Heartbeat as a Global Ambassador for peacebuilding and the arts. Heartbeat's Executive director Aaron Shneyer has been a pivotal force in Ami's life as they share the same passion to make the world better through music and creativity

In the fall of 2017, Ami became the executive director of BuildaBridge (BaB). BaB's mission is to engage creative people and the transformative power of art making to bring hope and healing to children, families, and communities in the contexts of crisis and poverty.  BuildaBridge envisions a world where all children are resilient, experience self-efficacy, and have a vision for their future. BuildaBridge dedicates its resources to building the capacity of creative adults and local communities to fulfill this vision.