Take a glimpse at Ami's performance at "Composing Peace." The concert, sponsored by Seeds of Peace and the New Israel Fund, brought Israeli, Palestinian and American musicians together to create another line of defense against the hatred, violence and occupation in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Ami's new EP is finished! "Begin to Begin" features five songs produced by Ross Bellenoit. Album release concerts will occur in early October.   In the meantime, do consider listening and purchasing the album on Bandcamp.  Your support is critical to the success of the album! 

Ami is beginning to hit the road with upcoming performances in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC. Sign up for the mailing list to learn more, hop on over to Facebook or click on this handy dandy link that'll answer all your burning questions about where Ami will be next.   TOUR DATES 

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Playing oud in the desert

Aside from playing guitar. Ami also plays one the world's most ancient instruments, the oud -- the guitar's great, great grandparent!